Since 2005 I am "addicted" to orchids. I started like others with the typical hybrids
(Phalaenopsis, Dendobium, etc.). The desire to culture species led to the acquisition
of four display cabinets
because of the unfavorable climate in my apartment.

To keep order and clarity about the plants I programmed a software to manage
my orchids that I made available to any interested person a short time later.

At the beginning of 2014 wie moved from Germany to Thailand taking some of
our plants with us. Here we build an orchid garden at about 400 sqm that will offer
enough space for more than 1500 plants.


Our Orchids
in Thailand
(since 2014)

Wild orchids
in Thailands


Our Orchids
in Germany
(until 2013)

Download the Orchid
Management Software